Who We Are

We are the fintech arm for ReBuildUSAtoday, a PayFac for FreshEddy.com, and an online banking platform registered and certified by the State of New York. We are designed to serve businesses and the general public through e-commerce and the money market. Our other goal is to improve on the way life sciences touches on our everyday existence  https://chowbanq.com/what-we-say/

Therefore if you are unbanked, underbanked or coming in from the gig side of economics, we aim to provide you with a card that could serve the same purpose as a checking account, enable direct deposit and re-loaded from places like Walmart, Western Union, a regular bank account, PayPal or directly from the government – if you happen to be a food stamp recipient.

If you have a job and you want to run your pay weekly check, bi-weekly check or monthly check through us, go ahead. we are here to provide a platform that let you manage and coordinate how you spend your money.

If you are planning for wedding, baby shower, birthday or a special event that you need a special saving depository for, you are in the right place. We’ll not only hep set you up with a special “event” savings depository account, we’ll also give you the option of an event visa card that could be used for all purchases for that event.

And if you need a depository account and a visa card as a birthday gift for your son or daughter on his or her birthday, you are in the right place. We not only have you covered, we’ve got your back as well.

If you are a business – big, small, or an independent freelancer, ChowBanQ is set up for your needs. We are set up to do more than just helping you file your taxes for you at the end of the year or facilitate a much smoother way to run your payroll, insurance and all.

Just remember, we are not a traditional bank. But we are able to offer these banking services and activities because we are backed by the Bank Of America, Member FDIC. So your savings are insured in our depository.

We are licensed by VISA USA and it’s ACH, so our customers could make fast transfers, do direct deposits, and our branded cards could be used at ATM’s, at retail stores and everywhere VISA is accepted worldwide.

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