How To Set Up

Go to our website, select sign up to get started with an account tab, if you don’t have an account yet.  

Enter details as required and wait to be notified in your email – if you account application has been accepted or denied before you can continue with further registration and setting up accounts. 

Once approved, log into your account tab via email confirmation or go through the website if you’re already set up. 

As a first timer, you’ll be presented with a login portal where you are expected to create a username and an initial password. 

After this initial step, you’ll then be taken to a profile portal where you’ll be asked to change your initial password to a new one. 

Once successfully done, you’ll then be presented with a profile page. Like all our pages, tap modify if you need to edit content, then tap save to save newly added contents. 

This will now take you to your account portal, with a set of menu on the left. In the list, click on the message menu box to access the unique security key for all outgoing payments from your account. 

Now you can click on accounts, to set up new accounts. 

Click on profile, select modify if you need to upload documents, add or edit contents, then save. 

Select transfer tab in the menu box on the left and decide what you wanted to do from the page and options presented to you.