What We Offer

We offer DDA (Demand Deposit Account) or TDA (Term Deposit Account) and more through:

Online banking, Wire Transfer and VPN

  • track your account balance daily and state of your current spending on the go.
  • turn on notifications and be notified of your balance and current expenses immediately.
  • send money to friends, families, co-workers and acquaintances from your contact by using Zelle, text from your contacts, email, messaging or ChowPay from your phone.
  • immediate access to your money – in any currency, anywhere and at any time.
  • carry out all transactions any day, anytime and anywhere under a digital safety net provided by Smithies Secure VPN.

Mobile banking

  • the simplicity and the ease of checking the account balance on the mobile wallet on any device, without having to go to a bank.
  • the simplicity and ease of making direct deposit and accepting one into your account – with your VISA card details, without ever having to step into a bank lobby.
  • ability to turn off your card or any transactions you did not approve or see through.
  • ability to enable instant fraud and security alert without having to call your bank.  
  • ability to separate your spending account from your savings and watch your savings account grow interest.
  • now you can get your employer, or the government to do a check direct deposit into your account, get notified immediately and not have to wait for days before clearance.
  • scan checks with your phone and do a direct deposit into your account without having to go to the ATM.

No hidden fees

  • no charges on your account
  • no overdraft charges
  • no charges on your card use 
  • no deposit, no limit, no credit check

Build and rebuild credit

  • every single dollar you spend goes towards rebuilding your credit since we are not in business with any Credit Reporting Agencies.
  • the type of banking service we provide is beyond the reach of ChexSystems.

Federal Tax filing, refund, credit and direct deposit by the IRS

  • collect all the forms you need for your taxes with your employer.
  • add your ChowBanQ account spending account number and routing number to your forms, include your EIN or SSN and send it off to the IRS.
  • guaranteed to get your direct deposit earlier from the IRS and be notified instantly as soon as your tax credit or refund  get deposited directly into your account by the IRS. 

Set up your payroll, food stamp deposit and salaries

  • set up payroll and direct deposit to pay your workers or any contractor abroad in real time. 

Fee free ATM network and retail access nationwide

  • you can always reload your account from any retail store or from our nationwide list of over 60,000 ATM machines.
  • you can also withdraw cash with our VISA card from any of the 60,000 ATM machines in our network without fear of incurring any charges.

High yield savings account with our TDA (Term Deposit Account)

  • with us you can create a separate savings account for your family holiday, wedding, baby shower, birthday or for any special occasion and watch your money grow interest till you are ready to use it.

ChowDirect Credit accounts

  • We offer business Credit Card Accounts, plus daily inventory account and operating credit account for small businesses, freelancers mid-size businesses.
  • We also have branded credit card accounts tailored to the budgetary needs and the interests of the Travel industry, Corporate bodies and others who might be interested in the type of offers provided by this account.

By applying for a ChowBanQ Account, you are providing your contact information to the Bank Of America, VISA USA and ChowBanQ Corp for their own separate uses, including marketing. Please review the Bank Of America’s Privacy Policy, VISA USA Privacy Policy and ChowBanQ Corp Privacy Policy.

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