What We Do

Personal or business, we offer a spending account or DDA (Direct Deposit Account) to meet your everyday needs. We also offer a savings account or a TDA (Term Deposit Account) with interest on whatever amount you chose to deposit as you build up a savings portfolio with us.

All of these accounts could be accessed via our wallet “ChowPay” “ChowDirect” via our branded visa card, text to pay your contacts or make direct transfers to your other accounts.

For businesses, there is a “Smithies Direct Debit/Credit” a physical card and a virtual online card for granting much needed daily or weekly “operational” credit boost for small businesses, for equipment financing, for ghost kitchens as well as new startups. With this account, you only pay interest – which is extremely minimal, on what you use out of your granted credit, loan or working capital.

You can keep your money in your ChowBanQ business account, so you can pay directly for invoices, overhead bills, run payrolls through us and make other business purchases. 

With this in mind, we will provide a depository account form for all our customers and subscribers to fill upon registering with us. The whole process takes a few seconds and almost no one will be rejected. Once your account is open, we’ll expect you to deposit or make a transfer of whatever amount you are comfortable with to start off your ChowBanQ account.

And if you have nothing to transfer or deposit to be made into your account, no problem. You can always schedule a future and a recurring transfer of your paycheck into your account, or go to any ATM or a retail store to make a deposit into your account whenever you like.

Whatever you deposited will be matched with a credit that you can go shopping with right away. You pay for purchases made virtually, and we take care of transaction detail and immediate notifications – online or offline, from there.

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