What To Expect

What to expect from a ChowBanQ SPENDING ACCOUNT or DDA (Demand Deposit Account)

1- Digital currency: A shift from cash payment to digital currency transactions online. Instant payment transfer allows a subscriber to shop as many times as your depository account allows in a day. No limit. You can withdraw up to five times a day without incurring charges. And you don’t have to worry about spending cash at the 99c store. 

2-Nationwide access to ATM: A great opportunity to withdraw from a huge network of no-fee ATM’s nationwide. 

3- Mobile banking: It means you are part of a mobile banking network where all deposits, transfers and payments are done and managed online, inside the app or the website.

4- Virtual card and cash access immediately: On one hand, this is a get paid as you earn it scheme. It is also spend it as you deposit it scheme. Because you get issued with a virtual card on your device of choice immediately after your account is approved online. Fact is, hardly does anyone get rejected.

5- Back up balance: Featured subscribers get the benefit of back up balance allowance of up to $100, if and when their account hit zero. The back up balance will be added to their next deposit.

6- Cash deposit and other transactions: Card barcode is accepted for deposits and transactions in all other stores nationwide.

7- Identification verification: You need a city, state, federal ID or a bill to register with us. And the ID verification takes a few seconds.

What to expect from a ChowBanQ BUSINESS ACCOUNT

1- Digital currency: You’ll be registered into an API that allow money transfer, payments, refund and deposits into and from as many accounts as possible. All transfers could be monitored on a dashboard when logged into account.

2- Nationwide access to ATM: Access to use ATM and ATM locator nationwide.

3- Mobile banking: Allowed self directed customer tools and service.

4- Virtual card and cash access immediately: Accept virtual cards from Apple, Google, Amazon, Paypal as well as visa cards and mastercard.

5- Back up balance: Will be used to drive up customer loyalty by offering overdraft and scheduled monthly payments to customers.

6- Cash deposit and other transactions: Virtual payments as cash, or as cash deposits help boost sales.

7- Identification verification: Be part of a verification program that is designed to cover your risks.

With the exception of interest, the same of everything mentioned above is available to anyone with a ChowBanQ SAVINGS ACCOUNT or a TDA (Term Deposit Account) 

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