Your Second Chance Bank

Dear Customer,

Opening an account with us at ChowBanQ is easy, everyone get accepted – regardless of credit rating, job, no job or immigration status. And guess what! You and your family are VPN covered anywhere and everywhere once you register to use our services.

Reason we accept everyone is because we are committed to removing traces of COVID in everyones’ pocket all over the world.

At ChowBanQ, we realized that one way COVID-19 was able to spread through communities world wide is through regular exchange of paper bank notes – all of which have not been recalled to be laundered, sanitized and labelled as “treated” till now.

And as we have seen, COVID-19 and all it’s variants are still with us today, and reality is, it will be with us for a while. So why not curtail it’s spread is through virtual online banking?  Why not go cashless with how we pay our bills? Why not change the way we pay for every single thing we purchase from the local dollar store, bodegas, delis’, arcades, pawn shops, restaurants, an all?

That is why ChowBanQ is here as your second chance at banking the most modern way. We are here to provide a safe, secure, and most personally manageable platform for all your grocery shoppings, credit building as you spend, as well as squaring up to your other financial needs – directly from your phone, and from any device on the go.

Abbey Laurel-Smith “Smithie” (Founder/CEO)

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