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With our extremely low fees, ChowBanQ is set up to help you and whoever your is, recipient keep all of the money when sent, wired or deposited. No limit to how much you can send, and no restriction on type of currency to send through Smithies Wire Transfer.

Just login and manage everything from your multi currency account directly from your phone.

Here’s a list of what we are set up to do if you want to pay bills by email or by text. Wire or transfer money by text, email, or by direct deposit into any other account, get notification in real time – no need to wait and track, and do it at little or no cost to you or to your recipient at all.

1- If you are ready to send money to a neighbor down the road, to a friend in another state or a loved one in another country, ChowBanQ offers a faster, safer and a far easier way to do it. And guess what! You’ll not only do it in real time, you’ll get it done at a far cheaper rate. 

2- If you are a business owner and want to pay your workers abroad, or pay for goods in a foreign currency and as if local, ChowBanQ not only offers you a cheaper way to do it, we also offers you an opportunity to open account in any other currency – if that will make it easier for you to collect rent, pay rent and taxes.

3- If you are going on vacation or if you are an exchange student, and want to do things like buying a ticket, rect a car, or rent a place abroad, ChowBanQ is here to make it possible for you to pay for those things as if local and without incurring extra exchange rates.

4- If you are a retiree living abroad or just moved to another state, you can set up with us so you could move money between countries or set up to receive your pensions through us, so you could get paid like a local wherever you might be.

5- And when you shop at retail stores overseas, our system allows you to pay in local currency or at the agreed monetary exchange rate and current value. We will help you convert your money in real time.

We are set up to do more for you. If in doubt please go ahead, compare our rates with others, then all you need do to get started is register to use our services at, then start sending or receiving money online, on your phone or from any device.


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