Our Clients

As a fintech, we are set up to provide banking services to INDIVIDUALS, BUSINESSES, INDUSTRIES as well as meet DEVELOPER’S API needs. 

Individuals – sole proprietors, startups, freelancers

Families – students, kids, parents, their neighbors and co-workers

Small businesses – 1-20 employees

Mid-size businesses – 21- 300 employees


We also serve Developers and Industries or those engaged in:

Technology – our API and our dashboard serves as a platform for growth, better efficiency, team co-ordination, budget, spend and expense management.

Accounting firms – can use our platform to streamline spending and expense management for their clients book keeping needs, as well as having access to an up to date feed to their clients multi-currency account transactions, salaries and employee records.

Travel and Leisure – stands to gain the most from having a platform to manage vacation expenses through branded vacation cards for covering expenses from boarding and lodging to car rental, flight tickets to cab rental services, train rides, shopping and all.

E-Commerce and Retail – our robust system – ChowPay, our wallet and ChowDirect, our direct deposit system plus Smithies DirectDebit VISA/Credit capability for individuals as well as businesses, not only helps facilitate trade, it  makes management of expenses and transactions easier and secure.  

Logistics and Supply Chain – better management of activities – from login to logout, from hand over to take over of goods and exchange routines, from begining to end point to in real time.

Banking, Financial and Insurance – we  have an API that commercial banks, investment banks and development banks could hook up to, so they could provide fast, secure and effective banking services to meet the needs of their clients. 

Real Estate and Landlords – our platform allows for faster facilitation of rent payment in any currency, allows a reminder to pay rent, as well as notifications for repairs and availability updates for both the landlord, the super, the tenant and the realtor.

Construction Industry – ours is a platform that developers and contractors could use to streamline budgets, out line plans and better manage their corporate expenses.

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